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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Purpose Inc ThinkTank San Diego Contest!

A Truly Unique Opportunity!

Now we're talking!

Jeremy Shoemaker aka Shoemoney at www.shoemoney.com has an awesome contest running.

He will sponsor one winning blogger to go to the Think Tank in San Diego.

This post serves as my contest entry. The challenge is to describe what "I could offer the other attendees".

Nicholas's Top Ten Things I Would Offer While At The Think Tank

10. I would offer my undivided attention to anyone in attendence.

9. I would be a good listener, and offer a carefully considered response to questions, considering the attendee's are all thought leaders in Affiliate Marketing.

8. I would be willing to help in carrying, setting up, or tearing down, in any way deemed appropriate by the requester.

7. I would be respectful of those in conversation and would never interrupt or try to convince anyone that I was smarter than they are.

I would turn off my cell phone, during any speeches, or private conversations.

5. I would focus and concentrate on the information received, and when I have learned and practiced the techniques to financial success, I would at that time be willing to give back to the Affiliate Community as others have done who proceeded me in that regard.

4. I would participate in the Think Tank process with enthusiasm, respect and a genuine interest in the subject matter.

3. I would remember to thank Jeremy, in the future by sponsoring another Affiliate as he has offered.

2. I would renew my commitment to my goal to make Affiliate Marketing, and monetized blogs my sole source of income within one year from July 2008.

1. I would never forget what it felt like, to stand in a room with brilliant individuals who were willing to share what they know, with an absolute beginner in Affiliate Marketing.

Thank you in advance Jeremy, even if I'm not the winner.

Respectfully, Nicholas

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