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Thursday, August 28, 2008

PPC-Coach - Join them now!

Based on the post I read at Jonathan Volk's Super Affiliate blog, I have decided to change course on trying to dominate the blog-o-sphere with monetized blogs. All of my efforts have brought some traffic, but zero income. After almost three months of trial and error, I feel like I'm in the Wild West, and the town has no police force, (excepting Marshall Google of course!).

I have been through all of the ebooks, web sites, trade shows for SEO and PPC, read countless forum entries and have come to a conclusion. No one save for Albert Einstein could fathom all of the minute details, and excessive hours spent in front of your computer, trying to make an online income. It just is not going to happen my friends. So, how about using the services of a successful coach, a guru who has been down the road I've just described, and is successful.

How much would you be willing to pay to get all of the free software tools, videos, an awesome forum, and the true support of someone who does not even know you, but feels compelled to share his knowledge?

How does $54.43 USD per month sound? That's cheaper than Junior College, with books alone over $500.00 per year! In addition he will personally review your account and suggest changes that will improve your bottom line. OK, I've already convinced myself and joined, what's stopping you?

Even though I believe that Google has indexed my blog(s) now numbering seven, six of them are hosted by Google themselves on Blogger.com. By pasting the Google Analytics code into my .html template, my blogs are achieving increasing page views.

When I read Jonathan's review of PPC-Coach, and visited the website to watch some of the videos I was convinced. Without a focused, measurable pay-per-click or SEO strategy you are not going to be successful in the current marketplace on the web.

Way too many blogs out there, just check the real-time statistics on www.Weblogs.com, to see what you are up against. So then comes PPC-Coach. Firstly when you join, you are immediately given access to the first two months of his success path for profit. Instead of some lame ebook, he delves right in to how to use all of the rich knowledge that can be found in the member area.

One guy has achieved the $35,000.00 a month club that they claim you can also achieve. I was reading his well over 1000+ forum posts last night, and his story is motivating. PPC-Coach will guide you through the murky waters of setting up your online campaigns, including joining Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's Search Engine marketing services, help you in setting up campaigns, and other marketing engagements, in order to insure that you follow the correct steps.

In addition, the Coach will truly be available to support you, answering emails, or IM messages in a timely fashion. Imagine, his email inbox as shown in the introduction video had over 3,000 messages in it, and only one unanswered one. That tells me that this guy is genuine and sincere.

You can visit the PPC-Coach here:


You will be glad that you did!!

Respectfully, Nicholas

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