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Saturday, September 13, 2008



Just finished watching two full days, of all of the live streaming from IzeaFest in Orlando Florida. Shoemoney gave a very moving Keynote about how he has come to his current level and success, John Chow presented, and sat on panels, a wealth of information for bloggers, site designers, video incorporation and great giveaways for the attendees!

The IzeaFest live streams were all recorded and can be played here:

Came away with some great information about:

Social Media Networking,
Wordpress plugins,
video production for blogs,
being a real person on-line,
using Twitter and SocialSpark to connect to your community
Blog design no-no's

The interesting part of the Ustream feed was the interactive, 'live-chat-window'.

Attendees and on-line viewers could pose questions to the presenters live during the Q and A period. During the presentations, the URL links were entered into the chat window by the production staff or attendees to check out these links for value to each individual.

Very cool to see live chat running during presentations, although some attendees forgot that everyone could see their comments! Hope there were no attorney's watching, as some of the comments were a bit questionable for a live stream.

I have a ten page word document capturing all of the links from Saturday and Friday, plus notes on things to avoid when blogging, including concern for 'ACCESSIBILITY' concerns for non-sighted or hearing-impaired web surfers.

I am ready to make the changes to my seven blogs, including moving them off of blogger to Wordpress on my domain. Total control of my blog is then obtainable for design and templates.

Check out www.izea.com and ask for Trevor, he is a really helpful person! And please leave me a comment if you liked this post!

Respectfully, Nicholas


carol stanley said...

Hi: I try to read everythingI can on internet marketing..Now if I only truly understood the vocabularly and how to make it all happen..I would be a millionaire. Appreciated your comments of shoe money...Pretty amazing..There are lots of amazing guys out there...carol author of For Kids 59.99 & Over

Nicholas said...

Carol, Thank you for your comment. Information overload is something every successful on-line marketer has endured. Best thing to do is go to Yahoo Search Marketing, sign up, (you have to create one ad but do not have to go live just yet), then complete the process of sign-up.

Pick a market niche you enjoy or products you would buy yourself in a store. Write about products or services you are passionate about. Join a few ad networks (www.ClickBank.com) to start) and blog about these products on your blog.

The ad networks provide the ad text or graphic advertisements to paste into your template of your blog, or place as a gadget on your blog 'Layout' screen.

I have joined PPC-Coach on the recommendation of a Super Affiliate , Jonathan Volk. $54.00 USD to get access to videos, a forum with others success stories and tips and tricks as you grow.

Check back here for updates!

Also HubPages (www.hubpages.com) will place ads for free on your HubPage, also free, and you 'revenue-share' with them. You just write, layout your page design using drag-and-drop interface and publish! They will place the ads around your text for you, ads should be based upon the text your wrote which become the keywords for the selected ads. Eventually a small revenue stream will result from the ads, remembering there are a lot of HubPager's out there!

Respectfully, Nicholas

Renee said...

Would you mind sending me the 10 pages of notes you took from the event? I was there on Saturday, but I'm a horrible note taker. It would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for taking notes.

Anonymous said...

Renee, send me an email address, (doterati signup required?) and I'll send you the IzeaFest 2008 notes in MS-Word.doc (Win 97~2003 compatible) format.

Respectfully, Nicholas

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