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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Status Report

I am beginning to make myself known around the web. Publishing an article on one site with 42,000 daily readers, has provided an opportunity to network with some very experienced bloggers, affiliate marketers, and search engine marketing experts, and discovered a great way to earn residual income indefinetly.

My lijit searches ( www.lijit.com ) have come back with web search results, that Google www.google.com is beginning to index some of my blogs.

I just added a podcast at http://nachase.podbean.com/

A comment from www.guitarbench.com has already been received, from the United Kingdom.
I have recorded some clips of my 1951 Martin 000-18 acoustic guitar, one solo and one with drums and bass. Check out the article on The Guitar Blog: http://wwwnachase.wordpress.com

Found a great interview with Jeremy Shoemaker and John Reese www.shoemoney.com where he compares the results of placing adsense ads on your blog, to blog ads via 'monetized blogs', and selling adspace to advertisers on your blog.

Also he touched upon 'bumping-up' your payouts, by requesting this from your Affiliate Manager at the ad networks you use. He stated that you do not need a ton of traffic, just informing them that you will work very hard to promote their offers, and increase their ad's visibility on your site.

I continue to add friends to Social Spark, and approving selected EntreCard ads to run on my blogs. Not so much to market to these friends initially, but to get the pulse of what are the emerging trends, so that I can select the appropriate niche to begin my Yahoo Search Marketing efforts, and Google Adsense campaigns as I become more profitable.

It has been quite an education so far. I will be attending Search Engine Strategies in San Jose this month, that should provide additional contacts and education required for SEO techniques being used by the 'guru's'. For now I will continue to join ad networks, and expand my reach and web-presense using the methods above. To your continued success! Respectfully, Nicholas

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