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Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday August 11, 2008

Hello! I took three days off to attend our local swim meet, a gathering of all of the swim teams in our city for one, big, three day long event. It was pleasant weather, there was good food and coffee, and our team placed higher in the rankings than in the past.

So I have installed FeedJit, on four of my five blogs. FeedJit is a tool that displays a map of the world, and puts little flags next to the country and city of the visitor's origin. So far, all of my blogs have shown increased visits, many in the USA, some from as far away as the Phillipines and Malaysia.

I have also created a podcast on PodBean, to record some samples of the 1951 Martin Acoustic Guitar profiled on The Guitar Blog: http://nachase.wordpress.com.

I have added Shopping Ads to three of my blogs. The ads are cycled in selected intervals, to afford the visitor an opportunity to click and buy the item immediately. Very cool feature, and I expect to see some revenue soon!

More plans to strategize with my Ad Network Affiliate Managers this week. Also plan on beginning rolling out my own web page on my own domain, and creating some sub-domains there for each marketing campaign I start.

More results will be posted, as I begin to see revenue from my five current income-producing web pages. I am sure enjoying the commute to work!

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