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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Progress with Social Networking

I have completed my initial goal of creating five blogs, four of which are slowly being monetized with various offerings based on the blog's purpose and audience. A fifth blog, has been created for the sole purpose of learning Wordpress, the language used to create web page layouts quickly.

Here is a list of the blogs I have created:

The Dieting and Weight Loss Blog - My personal story of weight loss and cholesterol lowering (Some exciting news here today with my weight loss results!)
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The Way To Success - The Future Super Affiliate Marketers Blog - (the blog you are reading)
View Blog
The iPod Review Blog - where I review my family's iPods, accessories and iTunes
View Blog

The Debt Blog - where I assist a friend in extracting his family from excessive debt
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The Guitar Hub Page - a new site that inserts Adsense and Kontera ads for me.

And the no-ads blog:

The Guitar Blog - where I review some of the guitars from my collection, and accessories

By creating these blogs, I hope to have Google 'index' them. In this way people can find me through 'organic-search', the non ad supported results in Google. Also SocialSpark lets you place a code in your .html to validate and add your blogs to your profile page on SocialSpark.

I have already achieved some success through EntreCard, and the contacts you make through their service. I have had one article posted on a website with 42,000 readers daily. Another article will be published in a soon to be released book! The receipient gifted me over 7,000 EntreCard credits, which you can spend in their shop for web design, advertising on other blogs, buying products and more.

I have joined SocialSpark, digg, FaceBook, LiJit, and a few more Ad Networks to compare offers for ads to place on my blogs. Now I am linking to other bloggers and marketers out in cyberspace. We'll track the results that other marketers are having using Social Networking.

I have continued the daily practice of commenting on the top bloggers blogs, and linking comments that I make on my blog back to them. One day I hope to be a guest blogger on one of these sites. I have an appointment to strategize with one of my Affiliate Managers in New York next week.

This will start my adsense portion of my on-line marketing efforts. Here is where the big money is spent, on 'clicks', and made, on 'click-throughs' to buy.

Thank you for reading my blog, and please do leave a comment! Respectfully, Nicholas

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