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Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Update and Goals

It's Monday, and as we all begin our work week, exchanging our time for dollars, I thought I would continue the dialogue on all things Affiliate Marketing.

Monday Status update.

So I have been accepted at Commission Junction www.commissionjunction.com

Tried to create my first ad campaign, but I just faxed my W9 today, so I assume that my payment account will not be live until tomorrow.

My first campaign is with eDiets.com, and the new blog is located at:


My current strategy is to create a blog for a need, such as weight loss or dieting. Write some rich content that is really relevant to this market for the search engines to crawl and index. Have the blog indexed by Google, by using the Google Webmaster tools.

Write more rich content, and place one or two ads on the page. Wait and write more content, maybe add some video or some audio to the page. Wait, and Wait, and Wait.

Create traffic to my site by commenting on other blogs and leaving my link in the comments. Visit a few diet and weight loss sites and leave comments there. Start linking to the sites or ask for a link from my site to be placed on their site.

Duplicate the above scenario 25 more times, for 25 blog pages, with relevant content and a few ads.

I will report my success on this strategy as time passes.

Respectfully, Nicholas

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