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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ad Networks and Support Issues

I joined Commission Junction and was approved, using JohnChow.com's, increased commissions in the form of 'Performance Incentive' signup promotion. On Commission Junction's - 'Get Links' page for the offer I wanted, it stated that there was a 'Performance Incentive' associated with the vendor, and the vendor confirmed the offer of higher payout in a subsequent email. However Commission Junction had placed a STATUS: 'Delined Application' in this field on the search results page.

I contacted the vendor again, and he stated that he wanted me to get the links,and that this had happened before with CJ. I have received two CJ-Customer Support emails, with a long list of reasons why an Application may be 'Declined', none of this was relevant to my particular issue, so I replied to CJ Support again, and the vendor, stating that the vendor wants me to have the link!

We'll see how long this process takes, meanwhile I cannot promote the offer which has a high payout and extends until the end of 2008. It's causing concern for me that my first contact with CJ Support was not well handled, and Zak Johnson has a current post on his blog today about this very issue:


As a new Affiliate Marketer I am trying to take the high ground, and be as professional as possible. I am discovering that just like any other industry, Affiliate Marketing has it's professionals and amateurs, all trying to play in the same sandbox.

Please comment on my post, and let's all try to pull together and insist on better performance out of all of our Ad Networks! Respectfully, Nicholas

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Jena Isle said...

Hi Nicholas,

Your documentation of your blog is quite remarkable.

Do you want me to add you in my blog roll? So when you'll become successful, you'll remember me(smiles).

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I still have a long way to go, but I'm patient and I enjoy writing more than anything else.

Good post. Good luck with your goal.