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Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Fun - Status of my Affiliate Marketing Progress

It's Friday, as Craig Ferguson says on his Late Late tv show, "It's a great day for America!".

So far this week I have joined the following Ad Networks or Ad companies.

PepperJam Network, Market Leverage, Kontera, ContentLink, ClickBank, EntreCard with SezWHo comments area ratings interface, FreeSiteSignup with John Chow.com, and looking into RocketProfit that Shoemoney recommends.

PepperJam Network seems like a great company. They have a ton of offers, and some of the comissions are huge. I will post some of my results from PepperJam.

I joined Market Leverage on the advice of Jonathan Volk at Volk Marketing, a Super Affiliate. Market Leverage has recently appeared on the network scene, and is making great strides towards success. I will blog about my experiences with Market Leverage as we go forward.

So far the Affiliate Manager I am working with has responded quickly to my questions! This is a good sign for future customer service already.

Kontera is a pretty cool deal. They serve both Advertisers and Publishers, and you can sign up as either or both. The approval process was painless, and I will blog about my results with Kontera as they are achieved.

I learned about ContentLink.com, from John Chow at JohnChow.com.
Contentlink is pretty cool and unobtrusive. They populate your blog text in selected words changing the word to a double-underlined, blue colored word.

When you hover over these blue words you discover a relvant, pop-up information button clearly labeled "Advertisement" on the top, and permitting a click on the More Info button will take you to that site.

ClickBank is a well known company, so I will only say that I need to do some research with how to best begin using their services. More to come on ClickBank.....

Entrecard creates a lot of buzz because you can earn 'credits' that you can spend on advertising or in the 'Shop'. I already have received over 100 EntreCard credits by commenting and linking-back to blog sites that have the EntreCard Widget running. They provide a database of EntreCard members to search to gain more credits. Interesting paradigm at work here.

More to come on EntreCard.....By the way, the SezWho comments section rating partnership was announced. Basically you can see a rating of your comments on sites that install the SezWho comments tool.

FreeSiteSignup.com - I signed up based on John Chow's recommendation due to the fact that other than this blog, I did not have a website for my Affiliate Marketing business, Chase Marketing. Sign up was easy, paid the yearly hosting fee to Midphase.com, and the next day my website was set-up. I received some video training on how to set up my cPanel and configure my website.

I now have a web page pre-built with offers and some free stuff to encourage visitors to browse and buy! Of course, I have access to sub-domains on the web host, so I am looking forward to creating additional 'Folders' to run these other sub-domains from. More on my web site build-out as time advances....

My hope is to eventually have at least 25 seperate 'niche' web sites with rich content and all of the other things Google likes. I will be experimenting with direct-links to see if this will provide some revenue.

This internet marketing game is complex, but I hope to be able to report that it is also possible to make a decent living while helping others achieve success.

Once we have enough income to live on, we want to pursue philanthropic giving, including benefiting schools, orphans, and sponsoring some children's education and household needs in India and Africa.

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