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Friday, November 21, 2008

How Will You Innovate?

Hello Readers.

I just Tweeted a challenge to leave a comment on my blog regarding how you will 'innovate' your way through this current economic downturn. Is your current 'day-job' at risk of ending? Have you thought of how long it may take you to obtain your next job?

Innovation is something our country has done from it's very beginning in 1776. The people who came here did not have satellite dishes or computers. They did not have banks, stock markets or financial advisors.

They came on ships, with a few belongings and started their lives in the wilderness with virtually nothing.

Contrast with today, we have incredible technologies, robotic surgeons and Blackberry's that connect us to everything, even Twitter.com/nachase. If we can continue to innovate we can survive this downturn and 'LEARN' from it's lessons.

Money is something people perceive as having value, but it's just paper and ink! Your brick and mortar company is of some value, if you have profit to pay the maintenance, salaries, insurance, heating and cooling, and electric bills, along with all of the other expenses, like crushing taxes!

Innovation needs to infect our marketplaces. If a few bad apples, greedy mortgage lenders and stock brokers can initiate a landslide down the hill to failure and bring this great country to it's knees, and spread this blight all the way to China, something fundamental is wrong with our 'perceived value system'.

I do not have any insurance from AIG, yet they have affected me. I had no stock at Lehman Brothers, yet their poor decisions have affected me. My government officials truly do not know what they are voting on, but the senators and congress merely meet in small groups and say "How are you going to vote on this 100 page bailout package?"

Without even truly knowing what's contained in the text, without a clue on it's impact to you and me, they rush something, anything to a vote and say they are 'working hard' for the folks back home. This is a practice that must stop.

Let's simplify the equation. If you are in need of financial assistance to buy a home, let's oversee this process with a simple form:

What are your expenses and income? _________________.

Is there room for a mortgage payment?_______________.

If not, you do not get the loan. Sorry, end of story.

My parents paid their bills and lived within their means. This generation has been so heavily marketed to the point of financial ruin. Personal debt is something that everyone accepted, mailing out credit cards by the bushel-full to eager shoppers, who now face a very different, less happy future.

Do you really need a $400.00 device to innovate? Perhaps....

Do you really need a $45,000.00 car with shiny wheels and a 2,000 watt stereo pushing the window glass away from it's mountings, to be happy?

What say you? Will you innovate or perish? Are you facing a bleak financial future? What suggestions do you have for your representatives in Washington that they will hear and act on now?

We are all in the same boat, and I am bailing out the water in mine like an Olympic athlete, trying to make a dent in this on-line marketing challenge.

What are you going to do? Leave me a comment below, and Twitter.com/nachase.

Lets Innovate!

Respectfully, Nicholas


Internet Strategist said...

Change your illusions and you can change your "reality". Most have lost sight of the differences between needs and desires. (Only water, food, and shelter are necessities - everything else is a luxury.)

Fiat currency (money) is little pieces of paper with ink on them. They have no inherent value that we can count on.

It is time to return to self-sufficiency and quit being sheep led into slavery by our conditioning.

Get serious about changing your life and you will survive these challenges. Life will never again look like it does now, but we will all be better for it in the long run.

nooozeguy said...

Hi Nicholas,
Nice post!
As a fellow TV-to-Web refugee, welcome!
Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you on Twitter.

Kelly Hobkirk said...

Innovation often has to do with simplifying, so that is what I'm doing. From looking at new ways to solve old issues, to getting back to the basics of connecting with people, to using social media in a more disciplined way. All of these things help create new opportunities and hopefully they will help me weather the storm.

Personally, I bought a pair of insulated hiking boots and a very warm sweater so that I could turn the heat down all winter. In the first two months, it cut my electric bill by $300, yet I am still just as comfy and warm.

divorceadvice said...

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newdad said...

A good post! Although I'm from the UK, what you have said applies equally here because of the interconnectedness of world economies. It's gong to be tough but those who can innovate and be creative will survive and may even flourish. It will be very interesting to see what sort of consumers we are after the recession. I have written about your post on my own blog here I hope that's ok!