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Sunday, August 22, 2010

So you want to make money online?

So you want to make money online? Join the club of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions world-wide seeking this holy grail of 'easy-online-profits'.

Well, prepare to be disappointed by the news, your new blog will make zero income, no one will comment, advertisers will shun you due to lack of traffic etc.

Your Dream of Online Profits
Your dream of easy money will be shattered rather quickly unless you start with a plan. If you just start peppering your blog with ads, your readers will depart as they will see your true intent in blogging is merely 'for $$ bucks $$'.

What Not To Do
Rule # 1 is to be a real person, not a spammer, hacker or slimey marketer. You will find no long term benefit to being any of those types of people. Your online reputation is extremely critical to any long term success. The people who use poor judgement just get banned, ridiculed and quickly forgotten online.

Your Topic
What can you write about that interests a large group of people? Begin writing several posts related to your chosen topic of interest, and visit popular blogs in your specific market space to see what the trends, opinions and comments are. Contribute your own comments and be seen as someone who cares about the topic not just looking for people to prey on for money.

Building Out Your Online Reputation
Once you have a few posts under your belt, set up a Twitter account and include the link(s) to your blog post(s) in your tweets. Follow the market leaders in your niche and ReTweet their tweets. Visit their blogs, leave relevent and helpful comments there daily. Begin a conversation with them.

Do the same on Facebook. Set up an account and begin posting links to your blog as Wall Post's. Visit all of the relevant sites that are part of your interests in blogging subject matter.

Never copy anything from another website's post unless the website owner gives you written permission! Feel free to paste the links from your favorite websites into your 'blogroll'. Let the website owners know you are doing this. Eventually they will appreciate the traffic you are sending their way and maybe you can get their email address. Send them an email and tell them something about yourself and your goals.

Eventually all this goodwill will pay off. Start adding AdSense ads to your blog after you have a few weeks of posts on your blog.

Some blogs I can recommend for online marketing advice are:

John Chow

Jeremey Shoemaker AKA Shoemoney

Jonathan Volk

Chris Brogan

Zac Johnson AKA MoneyReign

Darren Rowse - AKA ProBlogger

Jim Kukral - Small business Consultant and Author

These folks have made serious incomes online and know what they are talking about.

I have met each one in person and can vouch for their marketing, blogging and advertising expertise over the two and one-half years I have been trying to make a living online.

If I had followed my own advice above when I started I would have saved myself thousands of dollars and a ton of grief. There is just no get rich quick scheme out there. Follow solid marketing principles, be honest with your customers and online friends.

This long-term approach will yield eventual profits and perhaps 'guru' status if that is your ultimate goal.

For now, check back tomorrow for my next post. And hey thanks for reading my blog!

Leave me a comment if you have time, I will respond.


Nicholas Chase


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