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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Status Report

I have started three new blogs this week.

The Diet and Weight Loss Blog, which chronicles my personal diet and weight loss lifestyle modification project. You can read all about this here:


I have also started The Debt Blog, about one family's debt and solutions to resolve their debt issues. You can read all about this here:


I'm also teaching myself how to use Word Press at my third new blog called the The Guitar Blog.


My purpose in creating these blogs is to populate them with rich content, and begin adding advertisements gradually. Struggling a bit with blogger, and creating a six-box advertisement button area near the top right of my blog, emulating some of the top Super Affiliate bloggers like John Chow, Jonathan Volk, and Zac Johnson's blogs.

Word Press does not allow advertising on their site's blogs, so this will be a training ground for learning the features and tools in Word Press to eventually roll-out world class web pages elsewhere in my Internet Marketing Empire...

I have earned over 600 EntreCard credits, throughout three of my four blogs, by posting new blog post's, and writing one article for a book project soon to be published.

EntreCard has been covered in a previous post, but the strategy is to have people click on your EntreCard button on your web page, and you can visit their web p[ages and 'Drop' one credit, once per day. EntreCard credits can be used in their 'Shop' or to buy advertising on other EntreCard buttons. Your ad is in rotation with others, and costs EntreCard Credits, deducted from your account by EntreCard.

If the site hosting your ad is popular, the 'Credits' deducted can be quite large!

Ok, back to blogging, emailing and promoting my four blogs with ads.

Eventually as my web pages get indexed by the major search engines, I may see a trickle of revenue from my Affiliate Network offers.

Late Breaking News: An opportunity to earn 5,000 EntreCard credits has just been received! I only need to write an article over 1,000 words on the subject. Here we go...

To your online success! Respectfully, Nicholas

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Jena Isle said...

Interesting post, where are your updates? (smiles).

Good luck and keep posting.