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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Affiliate Progress

So I have joined the PepperJam Network on the recommendations of one of it's most successful Super Affiliates, Jonathan Volk. If you are an Affiliate Marketer, and want to join the PepperJam Network, just click on the animated PepperJam button on the upper right side, and you are usually approved within twenty-four hours.

I received the approval today, so now the process begins to research the ads offered on the PepperJam Network (there are hundreds of them...) and set them up to run. Not sure how the whole revenue stream works, but I assume it is PayPal as a default.

It will be interesting to also set up a free website offered by one of the Ad Networks that John Chow (www.johnchow.com) uses, called ShoppingAds (http://shoppingads.com).

They offer to set up your website for free, provide a custom web page design, and begin making money immediately! I am signing up today, and my progress will be reported here.

One other project I have been participating in is; The Black Ink Project by Jeremy Palmer of www.QuitYourDayJob.com. Jeremy has created numerous lessons delivered in the form of live WebEx presentations, and you can download all of the Black Ink videos and support files, including wireframe examples and excel-based spreadsheets to aid in setting up your campaigns, in various formats for WIN and MAC at his website, (www.blackink.com) and Quit You Day Job site has a link as well.

He has started BlackInk2, and if you register at his site, you can download even more in depth training on how to start-up, and run a successful online business, having guest consultants on everything from setting up your company, selecting your niche, designing your web pages, and optimizing your site, with a special software application for tracking your campaigns. Jeremy is an awesome guy, not asking for any renumeration at all!

All in all I am excited about making money online, and hope to report success in the very near future.

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